School Webinar Requirements 

  1. Webinar Platforms (Updated regularly for privacy and security)
    • Our platform for hosting webinars is through Zoom and the archival platform is through Vimeo.
    • Our platform for viewing the online presentation is yyou will need to accept or  authenticate web site from your end to access the site to log in. We will provide the login and password for them to access the power point presentation.
  2. Your System Requirements for Live Recordings at Home or Office
    • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
    • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
    • A webcam or HD webcam – built-in or USB plug-in or, a HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card
  3. Supported browsers for Live Recordings at Home or Office
  4. Payments
    • All sessions require payment to be made prior to the booked session to be able to receive log in link for live or pre recorded training webinar.
    • No refunds will be given on unattended live webinars.
  5. When you have paid your online training fee you will receive
    • Login and password of the Zoom scheduled broadcast or of the archived recording
    • Login and password of the Moodle powerpoint presentation
    • We will email you the detailed training notes in PDF format of the program you paid for.
    • Certificate of attendance will be set to your organisation after you have returned your online feedback sheets at the completion of the program duration.
  6. Practice of Physical Techniques – Conditions
    1. Ensure you have a safe environment to exercise within, for example, ensure that the exercise area is clear and free from obstructions or other potential hazards or risks e.g. coffee table, pets.
    2. At the commencement of the session you are participating at their own risk;
    3. A suitable, non-slip floor space is required and any potential obstructions in the vicinity are removed before they participate;
    4. To avoid activities if they have, or suspect they may have any current health concerns, injuries, aches and pains;
    5. Avoid the use of any sharp instruments of any description;
    6. Avoid physical contact with other participants and where appropriate, adhere to social distancing guidelines;
  7. Live Broadcast Access
    • Unlimited numbers of 100 at any one time charged at per/head rate applies
    • View full screen video demonstration of the physical moves on youtube via moodle
    • Ask questions  either during or at the end of the presentation
  8. Unable to attend the Live Broadcast
    1. If you cannot make the ‘live’ session, then you can watch and listen to the program within the following 7 days from the original scheduled training webinar date.
  9. Archive Recording Access  
    • Receive full detailed outline of the program content before you buy
    • Unlimited numbers charged at per head or per group applies.
    • Access to webinar is valid for 7 days only
    • Email us question at the completion of the presentation
  10. Pre Recorded Webinar Access
    • Receive full detailed outline of the program content before you buy
    • Unlimited numbers charged per group applies
    • Access to webinar is valid 24 hours only