Karate I.D Boxing /
I.DK/boxing I.D
Senpaired patch
r/ sleeve
Instructor blue patch
r/side shirt
Instuctor blue patch
red top/
black pant
Snr Instblack patch
r/side shirt
black patch
r/side shirt
Sensei red gi
own patch
Coachown patch
r/side shirt
Kruown patch
back shirt
Renshiwhite top
red pants
Snr coachown name
back shirt
Kru Yaiown name
back shirt
Shihan white giMaster
no change no change
Kyoshiwhite giSnr
no change Arjanno change

Karate Teaching Titles & Gi Structure

  • Nyumon – Entry Level for student
  • Mudansha – 1st Kyu to 10th Kyu Non Black belt holder
  • Yudansha – Regarding a group of – Shodan & higher , Black belt holders
  • Kohai – Assistant instructor. This person is involved in the process of becoming a teacher, but lacks the experience and tenure to receive the title Sempai
  • Senpai – A Senior Student or assistant instructor.
  • Dai Senpai – Assistant to Head Instructor
  • Sensei – Generic Term for all Teachers (one who has come before)
  • Renshi – Assistant Master – well trained or skilled expert
  • Shihan – Master Teacher – Teacher by example
  • Kyoshi – Teacher of Teachers
  • Hanshi – Senior Master Professor
  • Soke – “Master of the House,” indicating the founder or headmaster of a Ryu- Ha
  • Kancho Doshu – Way/Path Master
  • Kaiso – Founder
  • Kaicho – President of an Organization
  • Kancho – Head of a School – owner of the Dojo of specific Ryu- Ha
  • Meijin – Wiseman
  • Soshi – Head Teacher or Master Teacher
  • Soshu – Master of an Art
  • Taiso – Great Master

Muay Thai Kickboxing Teaching Titles

  • Assistant Teacher (Kru) – Assistant to Head Instructor (Senpai in Karate)
  • Teacher (Kru) – of Muay Thai Kickboxing (Sensei in Karate)
  • Assistant Master – (Kru Yai) (Renshi in Karate)
  • Master (Ajarn) (Kyoshi in Karate)
  • Assistant Grand Master
  • Grand Master (Pramajarn/ also spelt Phra Ajaran)
  • Assistant Senior Grand Master (Ass Sr. Pramajarn)
  • Associate Senior Grand Master (Assoc Sr. Pramajarn)
  • Senior Grand Master (Senior Pramajarn)