About us.

All Stars is Victoria’s Premier Martial Arts School 

We aim to develop, foster and promote the Martial Arts Health & Fitness in Victoria . We are community based organisation recognised internationally for teaching Karate Thai boxing, Kickboxing, Weapons, Self Defence and MMA Mixed Martial Arts in Australia.

Our instructors are Internationally Recognised

Our dan grades and teachers are recognised by  IMAA – International Martial Arts Alliance, MAAI – Martial Arts Association International, WMTC – World Muay Thai Council.

All Stars maintains the Traditional Values of Martial Arts 
We supports the fundamental traditional values of martial arts as a means of contributing to community and social development, improving harmony in the world and as positive influences on people’s character. Passed down by the founding fathers of martial arts the basic tenants of respect, honestly, loyalty, discipline, trust, perseverance and courtesy are viewed as distinguishing martial arts from other fields athletic and sporting endeavor.