Gradings how often and the grading fees

New members generally spend their first term learning the curriculum & should not expect to grade. After this initial stage gradings can happen every term for preliminary ranks such as yellow, orange & blue belt. Gradings slow down as students advance in rank & age. Assessments for grading eligibility are conducted in class mid-term & are based on competence & attendance record. Gradings are not compulsory and do incur an additional fee ranging from $30 for tip/bar to $115+ for Black belt & above. Payments will need to be made online via our website.  Gradings are held at the East Bentleigh head office either in-class or at the end of term grading. Your grading slip will have all the relevant information. See our staff prior to making a payment if anything is unclear

Term fees

Term fees are due by the first week of each new term. Early payments are encouraged & appreciated. All payments are made via our website. Please go to Shop, select your training location & log in prior to shopping. New users will need to first register themselves prior to shopping. Please note we do not issue invoices; however, a term commencement reminder is emailed to all members prior to term commencement.

Term dates,Term breaks and public holidays

Our term dates run in conjunction with the Victorian State school terms. In term 4 we close 1 week prior to term end. We are closed during the school holidays. We are also closed on Sundays & all Public holidays


Weapons are part of our curriculum & are used during class by karate students who are 10yo+ (5.15pm/10.15am class & above). There are 4 standard karate weapons (Bo/Staff, Nunchaku, Bokken & Sai Swords) which are rotated each term.  Emails are sent advising members as to which weapon is applicable for each new term. All weapons are available for purchase via our website.

Class structure & age groups

Classes are structured by age in 2-year increments (4-6yo, 7-9yo, 10-12yo, etc). Students 16yo & above can join an adult class in their chosen style. Each class has a variety of mixed belt/singlet ranks & can easily accommodate new members.  Prior experience is not necessary.

Belt and Singlet ranking System.

Classes are structured by age in 2-year increments (4-6yo, 7-9yo, 10-12yo, etc). Students 16yo & above can join an adult class in their chosen style. Each class has a variety of mixed belt/singlet ranks & can easily accommodate new members.  Prior experience is not necessary.

Advanced training days

Advanced training days are held at H/O 1-2 times per term depending on age group & rank. These classes are for Brown belts/Singlets & above and are compulsory. They offer students advanced training techniques which are not covered during regular classes. These sessions are also where higher ranking students will be assessed for possible future grading. If you are unable to attend your session, please notify your instructor or H/O staff.

Refunds policy and no cash on premises

All Stars have a No Refund Policy in place. Please discuss with staff if further clarification is needed. Most of our payments are processed online or via eftpos. We have a no cash policy in our office & cash is not kept on site.

How often should you train

Frequency of training is at each student’s discretion. We do not recommend younger students (4-9yo) train more frequently than once weekly. 10yo+ students may choose to introduce an additional class such as another karate class, boxing, kickboxing or MMA to their training schedule.

How do I enrol?

New enrolments & ongoing term fees can be completed via our website, via telephone or in person at our centre (business hours). Any pro rata or part payments will need to be completed in person or by phone. New users may need assistance navigating the site. Please contact our staff during business hours if you require website assistance.

How do I buy a karate uniform?

Training uniforms are free to new members upon enrolment & payment of our one-off membership fee. Please note this is not a repeat offer and applies once only, per student. If your training uniform has become too small or needs replacing for any other reason, a new uniform can be purchased via our website (Equipment, Uniform). Our uniforms are all machine washable & can be tumble dried.

Is there free parking?

Our centre has a large carpark just opposite the main entry for our members use. Onsite parking is free.

Make-up classes & bookings

Make-up (replacement) classes are offered to all members who have missed their regular class for any reason, including Public Holiday closures. The missed classes can be made up in another class of the same style/age.  Please book makeups with staff by phone or email to confirm availability as some classes are at capacity. We offer 2-3 make-up lessons per term. Make-ups do not carry over so book early to avoid missing out. For extended illnesses or accidents which require additional time off please speak to our staff.

What type of karate do you teach?

All Stars Freestyle Goju Karate Do is an application based martial art with Zen Do Kai & Goju Ryu origins.  Our programs incorporate; having fun, developing a strong mind, body & spirit through the partner work, and pad conditioning drills. Our methods will develop qualities as a parent and student you would expect, such as better concentration, motivation, discipline, respect, confidence, social skills, and self-esteem.

Do you enter competitions?

All Stars does not host or enter Martial Arts competitions. Interested members are welcome to do so. Any relevant completion flyers are displayed in our reception area or can be looked up online. Please contact the competition organisers directly for all related enquiries.

How to pay for items on our Website

All our centre programs, classes & equipment can be purchased anytime via our comprehensive website at your convenience. Alternatively, members wishing to make a purchase can do so on our members computer located near the reception desk. New users will need to first REGISTER by going to SHOP, BENTLEIGH & LOG IN TO MY ACCOUNT. Once this has been done then go to SHOP, BENTLEIGH and make your selections. Then add to cart & follow the payment prompts. For all subsequent purchases & for existing users please LOGIN via the same process described above. Feel free to contact staff if anything is unclear or you are experiencing any website difficulties. *Please note your purchase will NOT process if the Registration/Login step has not been taken. Users must log in or register first.

School Holiday Program

Our School Holiday Program is held every term in the week prior to the new term commencing. The program runs over 4-5 days (depending on public holiday clashes) and is in 1-hour time blocks. A flyer is sent out every term to advise our members of each new program. Further enquiries can be directed to our staff.

Training class changes & taking a break

Students wishing to change their training day & time can do so by calling or emailing our staff. Class changes can create disruptions to both students & instructors and should be kept to a minimum whenever possible. If a student wishes to have a term break or cease training, we ask that you notify our centre asap. This helps to ensure our records are kept up to date.

Class timetables & Calendars

Our current term calendar & class timetable can be found on our website for your convenience.  Simply access the homepage & select your desired option from the menu selections